Our Special Obtains service is available to assist you in sourcing unusual products to help meet individual patient needs.  The service takes the stress out of prescription queries and minimises the time spent by your team in the dispensary on the phone searching for tricky to obtain items.

Special Obtain product examples are:

  • Cover creams
  • Special dietary need products such as gluten-free
  • Dressings
  • Support wear

The Special Obtains service means that you can send your order through to us and, by working closely with our network of suppliers, we will source the product and arrange for it to be dispatched to you saving you valuable pharmacy time.

The Special Obtains service is a simple 4 step operation:

  • Telephone, fax or email us with the your order
  • We confirm we have received your order
  • We will then source it for you and telephone you with details
  • And we do the rest!

Your order will normally be received within 3-5 days of receipt of order.

Sitting alongside our specials unlicensed medicines supply service, our friendly team will always go that extra mile to find and deliver your Special Obtain to help meet the needs of the patient.

Please fax orders on 0116 270 8666 or email us at orders@kingsleyspecials.com